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Admin / Leader / Lecturer and User Rights

The Admin tab

Any number of additional administrators and leaders can be added in the “Admin” tab. Assign [German version] them to a specific offer, so that the interested parties can already see before the registration with whom and what will take place.

Register Admin

Create new administrator/leader

Fill in the field which are important for you. Title, first name, last name und e-mail address should at least be filled, otherwise the forgot password function will not work should it be used by the corresponding person.

Two-factor authentication

One or more two-factor authentication can be activated for each user account. After a successful login with a password, a second authentication is additionally requested.

The following authentications can be activated:

  • Phone / Mobile: the user receives a code per SMS or call. The fee usually is around 0.01 and 0.06 for each SMS/call.
  • Our suggestion: Google Authenticator (free of charge): download the App (Android and Apple) on your mobile phone which generates every 30 seconds a new code to enter when you sign in. (support Google https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/1066447?hl=en)
  • Our suggestion: Yubikey (free of charge + one-off costs for a Yubikey): the user inserts the Yubikey in the USB slot during the sign in process. (Info about Yubikey: yubico.com)
  • Backup Codes: edoobox generates a range of backup codes which are a one-off use during the sign in process. Backup codes are kept by you in a safe place. They offer the only possibility to reset a login from edoobox should Yubikey or other two-factor authentication options be defective or lost. (free of charge)

The two-factor authentication can be modified in the Admin tab. Should you have multiple authentications activated, you can select one when you log in.

Password security level:

Every password should have the following: at least 8 characters, one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, a special character and a number.

The three rights

There are three levels of rights that can be assigned:

  • Superadministrator rights: this person can change all settings and manually enter new administrators, participants and offers.
  • Administrator and leader rights: this person can complete almost every task in edoobox except the global settings which cannot be changed; for example: the tabs Settings and iFrame are not available with this right. The e-mail templates also cannot be changed.
  • Only limited leader rights: this person has very limited features and therefore cannot register or change anything. He/she only sees offers where he/she is registered as a leader/lecturer (if not, he/she sees all the offers) and can view and print the participant/presence list for these offers. The blue menu bar is here green and he/she only has the Home tab. With this option you can also define whether the user should receive e-mail notifications. If this option is active, the user will be informed about changes.

You also have the respective outbox of each administrator and leader (not the general outgoing mail of the whole account) and their usage. From when to when, you can define the time span yourself, was this administrator/leader logged for how long and where exactly? This is helpful for example, if you want to create a detailed invoice, should you have to pay something to the administrators/leaders. The usage can be exported.

Inanspruchnahme eines Admins/Leiters

Updated on 15. June 2017

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