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The edoobox home page is divided into five areasÜbersicht von edoobox

1 Blue menu bar (appears green if you login with leader rights)

2 Navigation section (all categories, sub-categories and offers are displayed)

3 Registry (global data record and edoobox settings)

4 Dashboard / details (account statistics)

5 Help, messages and TO-DO notes

Registry actions on home page

(Global data and settings)

HomeBack to start/home page
AdminAdd/edit administrators and leaders, assign rights
LocationAdd/edit venue locations
ParticipantGlobal participant view, all registered participants
AccountSubscription payments in own edoobox account, participant transactions and invoice status
SettingsChange basic settings of your edoobox account
iFrameiFrame settings

Offer page

Click on an offer to display its details. All settings regarding the offer can be defined here.

Die Angebots-Ansicht

Registry actions on offer page

(offer-related data and settings)

CalendarCreate modules/lessons with time and location
DescriptionCreate offer description. Insert images, links, PDFs etc.
Participant– E-mail to all offer participants, register new participants
– List of participants
– Attendance list
– View/edit waiting list
– Excel-Export


Create at least one module/lesson in the calendar tab for example with a location;  the start and end time will be shown as well as the location.

Category page

Select a category to get a detailed view of it. Various settings can be modified here.


The description of the category is displayed in all offers below. Thus, if you have many offers with the same description, we recommand you writing the description in the category level as modifications will automaticaly be displayed in each offer.

A different design can be assigned to each main category. You can also do this directly in the Design Manager [German version].


Starting point: You provide offers for different target groups. For each target group, e.g. the fields on the registration form are different. For one target group you want to know for example the date of birth, for another not etc.

Implementation: You can now create different designs with different form fields in the Design Manager. Each target group receives its own main category, to which you can assign the desired design. Each registration form is already different for everyone.

Caution: the template End Page will always be the standard design!

If you want to make a main category, respectively an offer which is in this main category, only accessible to a specific person/group, you can set that main category to intern. This will generate an individual code and only the person who receive the link with this code will see the offer, all others cannot see it.


You advertise various offers for different companies, however you are not allowed to see the offers of the other companies. Consequently, a main category can be created for each company, which you set directly on intern. The link to this category or offer, which is located in this category, can be sent for example through email to the respective company.

Here you can amongst other also activate the function Prevent Multiple Bookings. Select the desired participant data field, which is to be considered as a unique value, so that a double booking of the same person can be avoided. We recommend to select here the field E-mail or Phone Number, as these are unique. Waiting list bookings are at any time possible and are not affected by the function, i.e. if someone is on the waiting list, he or she can register there a second or third time. Once the offer has ended and is in the archive, you can then register again with the same information in this category.

Die Kategorie-Ansicht

Stay logged in

Angemeldet bleiben und Support ID sendenTo ensure that you remain logged in, move your mouse over your name in the top right corner and then click on Stay Logged In.

If the edoobox support team asks you for the Support ID, you can send it within one click.

Updated on 20. December 2016

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