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Your participants advertise your services! Viral marketing!

After your participants successfully registered for an activity, edoobox sends out multiple redeemable vouchers included in the booking confirmation to be used for your offers.

e.g. registered participants receive a discount voucher which they can pass along to friends and acquaintances or redeem themselves.

This can be done easy as well: create a new promotional campaign with multiple redeemable vouchers/coupon codes (set the number of vouchers/coupons to be created to zero) and amend your offer details with a voucher-placeholder through “Additional text block” in edoobox settings.

Each booking generates a multiple redeemable voucher/coupon code which the participant will find in their booking confirmation. Such voucher/code can be redeemed as well as shared with others multiple times.

Insert a voucher code placeholder using additional text blocks

If you want to send a voucher code along with a booking confirmation, add an additional text block with a dedicated placeholder through “Additional text block” in your offer settings.

Any information stored in “Additional text block” and assigned to eMail templates will be added to a booking confirmation and distributed. In case of a promotional campaign placeholder, edoobox generates a voucher code which is included in the confirmation mail information.

Add a placeholder to E-mail template Confirmation mail

In order to allocate additional text block placeholders to a confirmation mail, you need to go to your E-mail template settings and add the placeholder ##OfferConfirmationText1## to your template for confirmation mail.

With this you can create individual, customized confirmation mails. You can store text, pictures, links and placeholders for promotional campaign codes in additional text block settings.

Updated on 22. May 2017

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