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Promotional campaign

Promotional campaigns help increase the visibility of your offers.

edoobox provides a variety of options to help you create promotional offers and vouchers/coupon codes.

  • Vouchers deducting a percentage (grant a predefined %-reduction on price)
  • Vouchers deducting a fix amount (price reduction combined with a minimum booking value)
  • Vouchers with a gift code (one-time-only or multiple-use possible)
  • Gift voucher for online purchase (one-time-only code)
  • Voucher for viral marketing campaign (offer price reduction)

You can set a validity date for your voucher codes, apply them to one offer or extend over your complete catalogue. Redeemed vouchers can be tracked back to which booking they were used for. You can use our promotional campaign system to identify who used a voucher and what for. It is possible to assign a unique alphanumeric code to your vouchers or use an own label. Every promotional campaign can be stopped at any given time.

Overview of your promotional campaigns

Updated on 13. July 2017

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