An invoice can be paid by the participant by bank transfer or via an activated payment system [German version]. Incoming payments by bank transfer can be entered in the participant’s account in the open invoices by clicking on the button Invoice Paid or you can also create a new manual transaction in the Account tab.

Invoice settings

Enter the necessary data for the invoice creation such as bank details, invoice number and deadline. Data which remains unchanged over time can also be entered directly into the invoice.pdf template, such as your VAT number for example.

Invoice number

The highest possible invoice number is: 2147483648, after that you have to define a new alias.

Automatically create an invoice

This setting causes an invoice to be automatically created and sent with each booking confirmation.

Allow manual creation

If you do not want to send an invoice with every booking but want to give the participant the opportunity to create an invoice himself, choose this option.

Changes will be effective immediately after saving.

The admin has the possibility to create and send an invoice at any time. For this purpose, the data in Invoice Settings must be stored.

Your bank account details in the invoice

Some providers want to redefine the start of the invoice number every year.

Example deadline

You set the deadline to 15 days for example. If an offer now starts directly in 15 days or after, the placeholder ##InvoicePayableDays## in the invoice.pdf will issue 15 days. If an offer starts already in 5 days and a participant still registers, then only 5 days will be displayed as a deadline, because the 15 days would be “too late” for payment. However, you can also deactivate this adjustment by unchecking the corresponding box.

QR invoices

The QR invoice is in planning and will be available in the 4th quarter of 2020

Deposit / deferred payment / partial invoice

Would you like your customers to pay a deposit when they register? Would your customers like to pay by installments or would they like a partial invoice? Here we show you how to implement this.

Are the payment options different per offer?

Enter an additional text block [German version] in an offer. There are three different text blocks available per offer which you can formulate according to your needs. Under the following link you will find more detailed documentation on how to create a text block. Additional Information using Text Blocks [German version]

Once you have generated the text block you can integrate it into your invoice mail.

Are the payment options identical for the whole edoobox account?

Enter the invoice text directly in the e-mail templates [German version].

In addition, three suggestions for a formulation from us:

“To finalize the booking, we kindly ask you to transfer a deposit of EUR 100.00 within 2 working days”

“We accept payments by installments starting at a booking total of EUR 400.00. To arrange payments by installments, please contact us at +41 43 434 65 91”.

“Seminar fee EUR 2’415.00
EUR 15.00 administration fee for 4 installments
10% deposit CHF 241.50 within 2 working days
Financed amount CHF 2’173.50
Payable in 4 monthly installments of CHF 543.38″

Currently it is still necessary to check the incoming payments and, if necessary, send reminders to the customer. For this we recommend creating your own e-mail template in edoobox [German version].

Updated on 26. April 2019

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