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Create Invoices and Cancellation Invoices

The following section describes the process to create, update or cancel an invoice in the edoobox system.

Automatically create an invoice

Invoices can be created automatically and manually. You can find the settings for this in the edoobox settings, in the field Payment Systems for Participants [German version].

With the automatic billing, edoobox creates a new invoice for a participant booking and sends it with the booking confirmation via e-mail to the participant.

Manually create an invoice

To create an invoice manually, open the participant account and click on the Create Invoice button.

Rechnung manuell erstellen

In the window which opens, it is possible to choose which transaction should be included in the invoice. It is also possible to create an invoice for several bookings.

Buchungen auswählen und Rechnung erstellen

After clicking on Create you can choose whether the invoice will be sent by e-mail or by letter post.

Modified invoices

For example, if a price category, additional service or a module is changed after the invoice has been created, edoobox does not automatically create a new invoice. This way you can make several changes at once without creating a new invoice each time.

The yellow i icon indicates when an invoice differs from the total amount of the transaction.

Geänderte Rechnungen

Update invoices after a modified booking

Open the invoice with a click on the invoice to be updated.
In the opened invoice window, the invoice can be newly generated by clicking the Update button.
The system creates a cancellation invoice based on the old invoice with the same invoice number and the alias S.
A new invoice is also created with a new invoice number.

As an example, a new cancellation invoice ED130S is created from the ED130 invoice. The new invoice was generated with the invoice number ED131.

Rechnungen nach einer geänderten Buchung aktualisieren

Send an invoice to a participant

The current invoice can be sent to the participants by e-mail using the Invoice-Mail button or by letter using the Invoice-Letter button.

Rechnungen an den Teilnehmer versenden

With the Invoice-Letter option, edoobox sends the invoice in a neutral envelope directly to the participant. The costs for shipping will be charged to your edoobox account.

Enter participant deposit manually

The Enter Deposit button allows you to mark a partial payment or the entire booking amount as paid in. If the deposit is equal to or higher than the invoice amount, the invoice is marked as paid. The remaining amount will be credited to the participant’s account.

For an automatic comparison with the transaction, you have the option of importing from an e-banking system. Further information about Camt Import [German version]

Refund of a payment

The Refund button can be used to refund a deposit or part of it. Depending on the selected payment method, this is done directly or must be created manually in the Payment System [German version].

Rückerstattung einer Zahlung

Cancellation of a booking

If you want to completely cancel a booking, the invoice must be cancelled before the booking. Open the invoice and click on the Cancel button. A cancellation invoice is created. If the participant has already made a deposit, this is done directly or must be created in the Payment System [German version]. (Depending on the chosen payment method)
The template for the cancellation invoice can be found in the mail templates.

Stornierung einer Buchung

Export booking and invoice

For instructions on how to export invoices, open invoices or PDF invoices, please refer to the Export Options Guide [German version]. 

Updated on 6. October 2018

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