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Cancel/Rebook Participant Booking

You would like to cancel or rebook a complete participant booking? Follow this step by step guide.

Group registration

You do not want to cancel or rebook all participants of a group booking? To the documentation: Cancel/Rebook Group Participant Booking [German version]

If you use the cancel and rebook buttons on the booking, all participants will be canceled/rebooked in the group booking.

Open the desired participant, then the pending invoice (if available) and cancel it. Repeat the same with the booking. 

Cancel participant


Open the invoice to be cancelled on the right side.

Die Teilnehmer Übersicht mit Rechnung

A new window will open where you can click on Cancel.

Die Rechnung annullieren


Open the booking to be cancelled on the left side almost at the bottom.

Teilnehmer Übersicht mit Angebot

A new window will open where you can click on Cancel Booking.

Die Buchung annullieren


Follow the steps above and then go to the corresponding offer in which the participant should be newly re-booked. The procedure is exactly the same as in the documentation Enter Participant Manually [German version].

Updated on 12. April 2017

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