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Edit Participant

Would you like to edit a participant?

Information tab

In the first tab you see the complete overview of a participant with the balance, the address, the booked offers and (if available) the invoices.

Teilnehmer Informationen

By clicking on the settings icon, you will find the following functions: Find Duplicates and Delete. For example, if someone has logged in a second time without using the login function, the duplicates can be displayed.

Duplicates & Delete

To merge the duplicates, use the red label above the name (if duplicates exist). Caution: Merged participants cannot be undone! The same applies to deleting. Never delete a participant who has made transactions. Preferably set it to inactive to avoid complications..

Edit tab

Open the desired participant. In the “Edit” tab you can change all the information about the participant or fill it later.

Den Teilnehmer manuell bearbeiten

Account tab

In the “Account” tab you can see the transaction overview of the participant. Here you can also create manual transactions if, for example, the participant has paid cash or you need to settle a balance because the invoice has already been declared as paid.

Im Teilnehmer eine manuelle Transaktion erstellen

For a positive transaction enter the desired amount normally, for a negative transaction enter the amount with a in front. An individual transaction text can be entered and the date of this “payment” can also be defined.

To consider

Manual transactions cannot be linked to bookings and are only used to settle a balance. Please use the Enter Deposit option to adjust an invoice amount and the Rebook function to change bookings.

Updated on 12. April 2017

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