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Additional information

At times you may want to add further information on your offer to be included in the booking confirmation, reminder e-mail or attendance confirmation, and such details (e.g. links to pre-reading material, PDF attachments, special preparation requirements, documentation to be brought along or promotional campaign codes etc) shall be visible to a confirmed participant only.

Set additional information

For each offer you can create and assign up to three custom text elements. In order to do so, you define the additional text elements in edoobox settings (see box Additional text blocks) and in a second step, assign those custom text elements to the respective template in menu e-mail templates. According to the additional text block you amended, assign the corresponding placeholder to the e-mail template you want to enhance (additional text block 1 – 3 equal placeholders ##OfferConfirmationText1## to ##OfferConfirmationText3##).


Examples for additional custom text elements

See also:

Documentation Promotional-campaign

Offer image

Next to additional text blocks you can also assign a custom image for your offer. edoobox uses this image for the display of category tiles layout (e.g. go to design manager. > Template “offer overview” > widget “Offers in tiles”). Such image can also be used for widget “Offers list” with small (30 x 30 px)  or large images (117 x 117 px).

Check the look and feel of our image files in iFrame view as it is possible you may have to resize your files before uploading them onto edoobox’ servers.

Updated on 13. July 2017

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