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Waiting list

You can provide your participants with an option to register for a waiting list seat. As soon as a free seat becomes available, a participant can be moved from waiting list to the list of confirmed participants. In case your offer is fully booked, you have the option to notify participants on a waiting list of an additional or replacement offer.

Waiting list can be enabled on standard registration type only. For offers that provide free choice of lessons a waiting list cannot be maintained.

When is a waiting list entry created?

Once a person is on a list of confirmed participants they cannot be moved back onto waiting list!

Enable waiting list

Option Waiting list can be enabled on any offer using standard registration type.

Allow waiting list or not

Status closed

An offer is in closed status, option to allow waiting list is active.

(In case an offer is fully booked or past registration deadline, edoobox moves the entry automatically to status closed. Or you might have closed an offer manually for whatsoever reason.)



Status cancel

When cancelling an offer (move offer to status cancel), all registered participants will receive a cancelation e-mail and will be moved to waiting list.

Where a waiting list may be used also:

MustPay-bookings create a waiting list entry depending on payment status of a participant. Once a payment is made through one of the payment systems implemented in edoobox and a payment confirmation is received, a registered participant is automatically moved to the list of confirmed participants (given that free seats are still available at the time).

Waiting list functionalites

Waiting list functionalites


If you want to inquire about availability before inviting a participant on waiting list to a confirmed event you may do so using the Inquire button. Select participants and they will be provided with a link to the page where the initial registration process started, and with two clicks only such participant previously on waiting list may finalize their registration.


In order to send details or information to participants on a waiting list, use the button e-mail below the waiting list filter field.


When seats become available for an offer (be it through participant cancelation or manually raising the maximum number of participants) you can use the Add button to move waiting list entries to a confirmed event. Note: trigger sending of a booking confirmation to the new entries eventually.

Inquire about availability for a replacement offer – use waiting list of another ongoing offer

To provide your waiting list participants with a registration option for a new replacement event execute the following steps:

Only possible with booking type Standard registration for the old as well as the new replacement event.

  • Create your new replacement offer and move its status to Publish.
  • Access the waiting list menu on your new replacement offer.
  • In field Waiting list filter, start typing name of your old offer from which you want to move participants into the new offer.
  • Below a list of participants will expand where you can mark those whom you want to provide with an inquiry message.
  • Once done click Inquire. (e-mails according to template Waiting list mail request are now being sent out.)

Edit waiting list participant information

While searching for waiting list participants, you can always access their participant details window via clicking on the people icon in the second column of the search results – the participant details window opens.

Cancel a waiting list entry

Click on the booking icon to access booking details of a participant and use the button Cancel booking to de-register a participant.

Updated on 13. July 2017

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