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Registration types

Our edoobox booking system differentiates between two different types of registration. The registration type can be set for each offer individually.

  • Standard registration
  • Free choice of module / lesson / date etc.

Standard registration

Booking with Standard registration will extend over all activities underlying an offer. This type allows for Waiting list registration and enabling of the MustPay functionality. Group registration is allowed as well.

(below screenshot shows how “Standard registration” booking extends over all four lessons of the offer.)

Normal login registration type

 Standard registration options

Participant Minimum/MaximumYes
Waiting listYes
Group registrationYes
Add additional services to offerYes
Add additional questions to offerYes
Free choice lessonsNo
Additional text blockYes

Examples / use cases:

  • Seminars and courses to be completed as a whole.
  • Events (lectures, workshops, camps, meetings) with one or more dates.

Free choice lessons

Free choice of lessons is a registration type which allows a customer to book individual modules within an offer. This registration type works great for appointments. Group registration is possible. Waiting list is not possible with this registration type, but MustPay can be enabled.


All modules within an offer have the same price and the same number of maximum participants.

(Below screenshot shows how Free choice of lessons allows for an individual selection, e.g. 02.08.17 and 16.08.17 can be booked.)

Free choice lessons registration type

  Free choice of lessons options

Waiting listNo
Group registrationYes
Add additional services to offerYes
Add additional questions to offerYes
Single module bookingYes
Additional text blockYes
All modules/lessons have the same number of maximum participantsYes
All modules have the same price categoryYes

Examples / Use cases:

  • Seminars and courses with different appointments/modules where participants may select for which ones they want to register
  • Recurring events where participants may select a date at convenience.
  • Series of appointments offered to one or more participants

Comprehensive overview for registering participants

Available seats are shown for each appointment/module.

Overview for registering participants

Updated on 13. July 2017

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